Fundraising video

BASED-UK is undertaking a fundraiser to contribute 50% towards the cost of a four-wheel drive vehicle to access remote project areas in Honduras. We are keen to support the Bayan Association in this way because we recognise the significance of the SAT education programme in training potential youth bank members with requisite knowledge and skills for business and trading.

The Community Banks programme operates in 5 of the 12 departments of Honduras where the Tutorial Learning System (SAT) for rural education and development is implemented, located in the Northeast regions (Atlántida, Gracias a Dios and Colón); Western Centre (Comayagua); and Eastern Centre (Olancho).

Three-quarters of Honduras is composed of rugged hills and mountains, ranging from about 900 to nearly 9,350 feet. And a significant continuing obstacle to the Community Banking programme’s effective operation is lack of suitable vehicles, and also that most of their vehicles are very old and prone to breaking down. Field staff often have to use public transport, which wastes a lot of time and is difficult for accessing some Community Bank areas. Motorbikes are appropriate for some areas, but are unsuitable and dangerous for other more remote areas such as the dense tropical forests of La Mosquitia in Gracias a Dios region.

Please consider donating towards the purchasing of a quality used four-wheel drive vehicle for the project’s team by contributing what you can – this way the field staff can benefit from efficient and reliable travel in their important work.