A list of projects currently supported


BASED-UK collaborates with the Setsimbiso Sebunye Foundation (SSF).  SSF is an organisation in eSwatini dedicated to promoting education for all children in the country. It operates a primary and secondary school in the capital city of Mbabane which serve nearly 1000 children and drawing on this experience is now offering the Community Schools Programme to […]

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The Mongolian Development Centre is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation dedicated to serving society by empowering individuals, communities and institutions through education and training to systematically learn about and effectively serve the sustainable process of building a new civilisation, prosperous in the material, social, intellectual and spiritual sense. The Mongolian Development Centre is currently implementing […]

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Introduction BASED-UK collaborates with the Bayan Association which is committed to education and development across Honduras. Bayan was founded in 1986 and has developed a strong network of schools and classes offering rural secondary education. It uses the SAT programme, which is accredited by the Honduran government, and combines rigorous academic study with research, experimentation […]

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