BASED-UK collaborates with the Setsimbiso Sebunye Foundation (SSF).  SSF is an organisation in eSwatini dedicated to promoting education for all children in the country. It operates a primary and secondary school in the capital city of Mbabane which serve nearly 1000 children and drawing on this experience is now offering the Community Schools Programme to extend pre-primary education to more areas of the country.

The Community Schools Programme is focused on raising up and training teachers to offer quality education where it is lacking. The initial focus for the CSP is on pre-school and early years education and during 2015 there were 22 such classes in operation with over 550 children regularly attending.

Before a teachers comes for training, he or she is assisted to meet with members of the community to lay the foundations for establishing a pre-school. The importance of early years education is shared with families and community members. Children who have attended pre-school are generally recognised to have better outcomes academically and socially, and in the context of eSwatini health and hygiene is also greatly improved when children receive early years education.

When the teacher returns from their training, members of the community form a pre-school committee to oversee the establishment and running of the pre-school. In eSwatini, children enter primary school Grade 1 at the age of 6 or 7 and although there are some pre-schools available, they are inaccessible to many because of the long distances to travel and the fees. The SSF trains teachers to provide pre-school education at the local level and has a strong focus on accompanying the teachers with the practical aspects of setting up the school.

The community pre-schools usually have a strong link with their local primary schools, often sharing resources. Primary school teachers have reported that the children attending the SSF pre-schools are developed academically as well as morally and socially.

Setsembiso Sebunye Foundation:  Community Schools Statistics: 2010-2017


In the month of November 2018 we had 2 visitors from BASED –UK and 1 from the Secretariat promoting Community Schools in Africa. We had a chance to visit 9 schools in different clusters.

During our consultation we talked about classifying the schools using regions or zones, and we also talked about the statistics. Below there are three different figures that we have prepared:

1.1 Statistic:

Training Data: Figure Distribution

Level 1 Basic teacher training

Level 2 Advanced teacher training

Level 3 Advanced teacher training with Community Social Action components


 Levels Distribution:


Trainee Distribution:

  1. Community schools Zone.
School Name Zone Community/Village
Mshayankhomo Preschool Manzini Region Mbekelweni
Bright Future Preschool Manzini Region Ntontozi
Khanyisa  Preschool Manzini Region Mliba
Little Angels (2) Manzini Region Mhlabubovu
Sabelo Setfu Preschool Manzini Region Lushikishini
Mhlatane Preschool Manzini Region Mhlatane
Mahlangatja Methodist Preschool Manzini Region Mahlangatja
Mankayane Care Point Manzini Region Mankayane
Sikhanyiso Preschool Hhohho Region Hawane
Piggs Peak preschool Hhohho Region Piggs Peak
Little Angels 1 Hhohho Region Mbasheni
Bunye Betfu Preschool Hhohho Region Makholokholo
Mvuntjini Care Point Hhohho Region Mvuntjini
Roma 1 Care Point Hhohho Region Nkoyoyo
Ntambande Care Point Hhohho Region Ntambande
Nkoyoyo Care point Hhohho Region Nkoyoyo
Phakama Preschool Hhohho Region Enyonyane
Enjabulweni Preschool Hhohho Region Mantjolo
Sinethemba Care Point Hhohho Region Estibeni
Msunduza Care Point Hhohho Region Msunduza
Motshane Preschool Hhohho Region Motshane
Hawane Preschool Hhohho Region Hawane
Asibemunye Preschool Shiselweni Region Shlutse
Esikweni Preschool Shiselweni Region Khubutha
Hlathikhulu Preschool Shiselweni Region Kahlatsi
Beginners Preschool Lubombo Region Sphofaneni