March 26, 2018


BASED-UK collaborates with the Bayan Association which is committed to education and development across Honduras. Bayan was founded in 1986 and has developed a strong network of schools and classes offering rural secondary education. It uses the SAT programme which combines rigorous academic study with research, experimentation and practical guidance in social and economic development, in particular agriculture.

The programme is accredited by the Honduran government and currently supports over 8000 students in rural villages to complete their education.

Bayan has now established the Community Banking scheme which trains some of the SAT graduates to establish Community Banks. These are savings and loan schemes which are established with graduates, parents and other community members. The banks offer small business loans to enable the young people completing the SAT programme as well as others in their area to access finance essential to starting up businesses and small enterprises.

BASED-UK is committed to meeting all of the costs of the Community Banking scheme. The banks themselves are self-financing. The money raised pays for a Coordinator to run the scheme, for training materials and training programmes for the SAT graduates, and for regular visits and gatherings to check progress on the banks and establish new ones.