January 2023 Newsletter" />

January 2023 Newsletter

News from the trustees

The trustees wish the friends & supporters of our charity a happy and fulfilling 2023. We convey our sincere appreciation to those who regularly donate towards BASED-UK’s partner programmes. Attracting a sufficient stream of funding to cover all partner programme needs has proved difficult recently. The number of individual donors remains small and while we always try to expand our base of support, there is also a need to reach out to our loyal existing supporters to ask for some extra help.
We, of course, appreciate that these are challenging times with the cost of living crisis causing a significant pinch to personal finances. Whilst we are actively pursuing other available channels to secure funding, after careful consideration we feel that it is prudent to ask for some additional assistance if budgetary circumstances make it possible.
If perhaps, you’ve not increased your regular donation amount over the past few years, would you consider increasing it? An increase of 10% would add an extra 50p for each £5 donation, making a substantial difference to donors’ total gifts over the year. Whatever is affordable will be much appreciated and if no increase is possible then please be assured of our ongoing gratitude for your kind contributions. And please do forward this Newsletter to family, friends and colleagues whom you think may take an interest in our work.

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