The Mongolian Development Centre is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation dedicated to serving society by empowering individuals, communities and institutions through education and training to systematically learn about and effectively serve the sustainable process of building a new civilisation, prosperous in the material, social, intellectual and spiritual sense.

The Mongolian Development Centre is currently implementing the Early Childhood Development Programme, which is described further below.

Programme objective

To develop moral capabilities in children, which are fundamental developing within them a culture of service to humanity, and to empower teachers to master the knowledge and skills of encouraging character development in children.The Early Childhood Development Programme began in 2000. The programme operates at the following three levels: first level – 3 year old’s; second level – four year old’s; third level – five year old’s. Elements of the programme include:

  • A sequence of course materials at all three levels, including a teachers’s manual, parents’ manual, children’s workbooks, display material and a CD of songs and stories
  • Teachers’ training courses and refresher courses; regular reflection meetings including learning activity for teacher. Teachers are also trained to be tutors of parents.
  • Parents’ training days and regular reflection meetings.

Course Materials

The sequence of course materials is”Hidden Gems” which provides character development material at all three levels, and includes science and maths courses focusing on moral capabilities.  At the moment kindergartens are using only the Character development curriculum.  The material includes children’s workbooks, a teachers’ manual, parents’ manual, display material with quotations and pictures illustrating moral capabilities and a CD of songs and stories 230 teachers from 25 kindergarten from Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, Murun, Sainshand, Sukhbaatar and Zuunkharaa conducted the “Hidden Gems” Character Development curriculum and 5040 children participated. 6 teachers volunteers served as facilitators during this year and collaborated to organise the activities. We are aiming to organise most of the activities in local areas in order to increase the participation.Alongside developing teachers’ capacity to reflect, ECDP also undertakes activities to

  • Develop capacities of teachers to implement the ‘Hidden Gems’ character development curriculum;
  • Build capacity of teachers to integrate the Hidden Gems programme into State curricula
  • Build capacity of teachers to work with parents
  • Influence mindset of society about education
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