September 2022 Newsletter

News from the trustees

Our Annual General Meeting was held on 16th July with our SSF colleagues from eSwatini present together with a 3 minute video on the Community Banking scheme from the Bayan programme in Honduras. It was an uplifting gathering with some happy cross fertilisation of ideas across partner programmes (see participants below).

Important institutional changes have occurred in the country since we shared our last Newsletter supplement in June. It seems clear that as a nation, we will be entering a difficult period of financial constraint with forecast energy price rises and consecutive quarters of economic contraction. Nevertheless we are hopeful for the continued support from our friends and volunteers, together with sustained focus on promising new sources of funding researched and followed up by our Network Funding Coordinators. We are pleased to have received a £1000 donation from Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust, one of our consistent supportive donors.

Our Coordinators, Alan Campbell and Chloe Jamali have been in post since June of this year and the trustees have arranged a consultation to review and support them with progress made so far. Having undergone their inductions, trustees have endeavoured to accompany them in their lines of action and are pleased with the outcomes collaboratively achieved so far. Most recently, progress has been made with developing a new cadre of volunteers and individual conversations will follow which will hopefully take their interest further into supportive activities. Please do contact them (emails below) if you would like to contribute some of your time to volunteering for BASED-UK.

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